30 km: Sentosa

It was a gloomy sky early in the morning, but i decided to take a gamble to go to the clubhouse. Trainer Daniel whatsapp me whether to cancel the run. I told him that i would go ahead and the most, i could drop by my mum’s place. Surprisingly, the weather was kind to me, it was cooling without rain. The turnout was poor probably due to the NF race the day before. It was huge contrast to the Team fatbirds, a ratio of 6:1.

I briefly mentioned the route map to the runners and started off at 7.10 am. It was my first 30 km of the year 2013. There was no race for me to look forward to, just wanted to test out my fitness. The road was very quiet, especially with this nice weather, everyone maybe still in their beds.

I was the guide into Sentosa, leading the runners through the gateway, Hard Rock hotel and then into Siloso beach. The weather started to get warm. My first 5 km was very slow, just getting my body to warm up. The time taken was 28:16. I was not really sure about my fitness conditions whether i could finish the 30 km. My last 30 km Sentosa run was at last November which i clocked 2 hr 16 min with avg pace of 4:31 min. I still remembered very clearly in my mind. The pace started to pick up after my toilet break at 7 km mark, Palawan beach. I was lagging behind at Tanjong beach about 500m away from Harry and Alan. We u-turned at Sentosa Cove entrance and then proceed towards the Satelite area. I caught up with the duo at the gateway roundabout and then started to raise my tempo. My next 5 km time was 23:44, a huge contrast to the first 5 km. I was running faster and faster as i was feeling very good even the multiple slopes do not affect me. Looped around the Sentosa Satelite and then ran towards Hard Rock hotel. My third 5 km was 22:58, a total time of 1 hr 14 min for my first 15 km.

The sunshine started to pour in my second loop to the beaches. I started to use the shower facilities along the way to cool down my core temperature. I was all alone by then, just keeping my pace consistent. In fact, i clocked the fastest 5 km in 22:18 for my fourth one. On 20 km to 25 km, i was at Satelite area again. Testing my endurance against the slopes. It was tougher this time, with extreme terrain and the hot weather. Nevertheless, i was still able to maintain a decent 5 km timing of 22:54. My final 5 km would bring me back to the clubhouse. It was time to relax and i dropped my pace to a much easier one for my final 2 km. Astonishingly, i have a huge negative split time of 1 hr 10 min for my second 15 km. I completed the whole 30 km in 2 hr 23 min 57 sec. Although it was a huge gap from my last attempt, i was content about the time. Afterall, it was my first 30 km and i was feeling very good.

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